Thursday, 19 March 2015


Wow. Isn't all this a bit ridiculous. I'm in my second year of uni now, and these were written when I was in years 12/13. My thanks to everyone for their kind comments; I'm really glad these things are useful to at least some people.

For those of you who have commented with corrections, particularly on the RS side, you're probably right. All I did was take my notes and try and make them readable. A couple of times I probably wrote down information incorrectly or misread something, and if that's resurfaced here then that's my bad! If you check in the comments there may be a wiser person than me correcting me. If so, I'd probably listen to them instead.

Thanks again. It's so nice to see the odd comment coming up in my email inbox. A worrying number of people have said something along the lines of 'thank you so much! my teacher is SHIT!' which is pretty rubbish. Sorry if you're those guys.

All the best!