Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thank you!

This blog has now had over 45,000 page views. That's mental. Thank you.

Someone actually told me on Twitter that my blogs are helping their RS class, which really is sort of baffling. It sort of implies that at least one teacher out there has truly hit rock-bottom in terms of looking for class resources. That's okay - I'm cool with being that rock-bottom resource.

So yeah - whether you study RS or English Lit, I hope these are helpful, and thanks for the kind words. I don't do A Levels any more - I'm at uni now, studying English Lit w/ Creative Writing.

Obviously that means there won't be any more posts on this page. I do like all this learning business but I don't think I'm going to teach myself more A Level courses to expand the content on here... I should get back into blog-writing, though, just because it's a good thing to do.

Anyway, thanks again. I hope you don't fail your A Levels because of me. Wouldn't that be awkward?


  1. Your notes look fantastic for A2 RS.
    You don't by any chance have any thing similiar for AS do you?? If not I'm sure these notes will be of great help in Year 13 :))

  2. It's looking unlikely that my 'teacher' is even going to finish the course before June, so thank you. You are a shining beacon of light in an otherwise dark and tumultuous world.

    1. and you are a master of metaphors. thank you. :)